Mirrors have been an integral part of our lives since 6,000 ad and have, historically, had special importance attached to them.

“ A history of the mirror is really the history of looking, and what we perceive in these magical surfaces can tell us a great deal about ourselves- whence we have come, what we imagine, how we think and what we yearn for. The mirror appears throughout the human drama as a means of self- knowledge or self- delusion.” (Pendergast 2003)

A mirror will not just reflect your image back to you. It will enhance your surroundings by creating an illusion of space, or maybe add light to a dark corner or could just be, at it’s simplest, a beautiful and decorative item.

Emma Edelston started her mirror business in St Ives, Cornwall in 1991. She creates mirrors using traditional techniques making her pieces reminiscent of the art deco period but with a contemporary twist. Their three dimensional construction creates a myriad of reflective surfaces. Her designs incorporate richly coloured irridised glass, decorative wire work and can be as plain or ornate as desired. She is currently working on a contemporary range of lighting, more influenced by her time spent in Asia. Emma has a standard range of mirrors and lights and also enjoys working closely with clients to create unique, bespoke pieces.